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Welcome on the website of the Moravian-Silesian Club of Maltese and Bolognese Breeders.

The goal of this website is to present our Malteses and Bologneses and to inform about breeding of these breeds in the Czech Republic.

The Club associates all interested persons about malteses and bologneses breeding. The Club takes care of breeding progress, of publicity and protection of these breeds. The Club is FCI member through Czech-Moravia kynology union.  The Club organizes various actions and members meetings. Club show is held each year, there are awarded titles Year Club Winner and Primus Junior on these shows. Several times per year bonitations – special breeding actions – are held. Breeding and breeding dogs level are evaluated on these actions. Club committee issues Bulletin, in which Club members are informed about Club activity, about Club actions terms, about breeding etc

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Club history


Moravian-Silesian Club of Maltese and Bolognese Breeders (Czech Republic) was founded on 8. 4. 1991. The Club was founded by preparatory committee members – Josef Ondris, ing. Jan Kubena, Olga Klimkova, Olga Sperlinova, Milan Dokoupil, Hilda Kubenova. The first Club committee in structure: chairman Josef Ondris, secretary Jirina Dokoupilova, breeding consultant Hilda Kubenova, was elected in constitutive meeting.

Honourable Club Members

cc_ondr Josef Ondris

cc_sperl Olga Sperlinova

Kubena ing. Jan Kubena

cc_dok Milan Dokoupil

rehanek Petr Řehánek

ubrova Libuse Ubrova

Moravskoslezský klub chovatelů maltézských a boloňských psíků