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Our breeds

ENCI standards Bolognese and Maltese
FCI Maltese Standard
FCI Bolognese Standard


oregon midisMaltese is small doggy whose body is longer then height in withers. All body is covered by very long, heavy, shiny and frosty white coat. Coat is silky and straight. In his character maltese is snuggling, pleasant, jolly and very intelligent. Maltese has small nevertheless strong stature. Standard says – males height is from 21 to 25 cm, females from 20 to 23 cm, weight from 3 to 4 kg.


chanel HappyDayssiBolognese is small thickset doggy with quadratic body building. Body is from strong bones and it is well muscled. Bolognese coat is long, soft, milk white and its structure evokes flakes. Bolognese character is very pleasant, it is calm, serious and teachable doggy. Males height is between 27 and 30 cm, females between 25 and 28 cm, weight from 2,5 kg to 4 kg.




FCI sorts maltese and bolognese to group 9 – Social and attendant dogs, subgroup 1 – bichons and related breeds. Maltese originates from middle Mideterranean, origin country is Italy. Bolognese originates – like doggy name suggests – from Bologna, so Italy is origin home of these doggies. Both breeds are for their small size, pleasant character and silky coat ideal companions of each family, they love children and they are jolly friend at children’s playing. In spite of their small stature they aren’t delicate and at right care they live high age.


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