Maltese & Bolognese Specialty in conjunction with EDS 2014


We are happy to invite you to the European Specialty dog show for maltese and bolognese which takes place on Friday, 24.10.2014. The national dog show is held on Saturday, 25.10., and the European dog show will be on Sunday 26.10. for maltese and bolognese.

Judge: Vladimír Javorčík, Slovakia
Awarded: CAJC, CAC, BOB, Special Show Winner
Date: Friday, October 24, 2014
Exhibitors will be allowed admission from 3 to 4 pm (15:00 – 16:00).
Judging will commence at 4 pm (16:00).

Address: Brno – Tuřany, Hanácká 448/38, CZ
Contact person: Mrs. Soňa Mlezivová, Mokré řádky 975, 696 02 Ratíškovice, CZ, E-Mail, phone +420 724 124 813



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for foreign exhibitors
Entry Deadline1.2.3.
15. 6. 201430. 7. 201415. 9. 2014
1st Dog35 EUR40 EUR50 EUR
2nd and Other Dog30 EUR35 EUR45 EUR
Minor Puppy, Puppy,
Veteran, Honour
10 EUR15 EUR20 EUR
Competition - Best Brace,
Best Progeny Group,
Best Breeders Group,
Child and the Dog
class Out of competition5 EUR5 EUR10 EUR
IBAN CZ3601000000000008237731
Entry Form Specialty Show 2014
  •   bolognese
  •   male
  • Winner Class (CAC) and Honour Class (without CAC awarding) - for C.I.B., National Champions and National, Special and Club Winners only. Please enclose a certificate with your entry.
  • Out of competition - in this class no placements and qualifications.

  •   bolognese

  •   bolognese

  •   bolognese

  •   bolognese
  • We would like to inform you that when registering on-line, you must ALWAYS receive a CONFIRMATION EMAIL.


Championships granted in the Czech republic

In the Czech Republic, dogs and bitches can win the following championships:
Czech Champion, Czech Junior Champion, CMKU Exhibition Champion (Czech kennel club champion), Czech Veteran Champion, Czech Grand Champion.

Within the European Show a championships may be awarded upon waiting, if:

a) the given individual meets the generally applicable conditions (see here, including utilization by reciprocal agreements concluded with various countries).
b) provided that the dog wins at least two candidacies from 23 October to 26 October 2014, and if one of these candidacies comes from the European Show.
To be awarded the Czech Champion title, the breeds subject to tests pursuant to FCI will be required to successfully pass a performance test documented by an international certificate.

Veterinary conditions: All dogs that want to participate in the dog show must be clinically healthy. Dogs must be immune against rabies pursuant to valid regulations. Dogs born in the Czech Republic must have a valid inoculation certificate (pursuant to Section 6, Veterinary Act) or a valid passport for small animals. Dogs from EU member states and Third World countries must meet the conditions given by regulations of the European Parliament and Council of Europe 998/2003 of 26.5.2003.

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